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The Story

Welcome to the website of A History of a Time To Come - the story of UK thrash, a documentary telling the tale of british thrash metal through the ages, from the early 80s to the present day.

The film aims to fill in the blanks in the history of the genre, where those bands who were once so popular, have faded from memory.

We, the film makers, are fans of the genre, and we're looking for as much input as possible from our fellow fans. If you have any memories/memorabilia, photos, videos or stories we'd love to hear from you, via Twitter, E-Mail or Facebook.

Album of the Month

Fotobounce photo 12581

Venom - Welcome To Hell
Year: 1981
Label: Neat
City/Town: Newcastle

The debut album by Venom and arugable the start of thrash metal. It had a great influence overseas on the then-emerging thrash metal style of america such as Slayer and Metallica, and crystallized the elements of what later became known as death metal and black metal.